Commitment to Performance

CTM will cover the territory adequately, establish a presence for your line, and accomplish our mutually agreed-upon marketing objective for strategic customer penetration, market share and growth.

CTM will develop and continually improve product knowledge as well as an understanding of your capabilities, directions, strategies, niches, strengths and weaknesses.

CTM will know the territory and customers thoroughly, including understanding their application needs so as to effectively represent those needs to you.

CTM will continually work on improving the organization’s selling skills and strategies.

CTM will be accessible and responsive to you and the customer before, during and after the sale.

CTM will provide you thorough input, including sales forecasting, market reporting, sales analysis, lead follow-up and reporting.

CTM will maintain a compatible roster of principals and a compatible customer base, to provide substantial multiple-line selling synergy.

CTM will maintain an organization characterized by thoughtful financial management, fair employee compensation and motivation, and plans for business continuity.

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