About CTM

Mission Statement

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CTM endeavors to be a design driven Representative Firm focused on increasing the sales of our Principals by identifying our customers’ needs, understanding our Principal’s products and matching one with the other. CTM aims to provide the highest standards of customer service and business integrity.

Con-Tek Marketing, Inc. represents Manufacturers of engineered products in the Rocky Mountain Region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Las Vegas Nevada and El Paso Texas). Founded in 1986, CTM provides manufacturers of high quality products with a unique, managed, sales environment. The combination of technical competence, sales and management experience provides a Representative sales package capable of advancing a Principal’s market share, penetrating new markets and sustaining continuing growth.

CTM concentrates its efforts on the initial design-in phase of the manufacturing cycle. Strong relationships are built by CTM with key engineering, purchasing and manufacturing personnel. Our Sales Engineers are charged with building a continuing relationship between the Customer and the Principal.

The Rocky Mountain Region provides the Electronics Representative with exciting and diverse markets. Utilizing a “Target Sales Program,” CTM sales personnel will carefully plan a strategy for those markets in order to yield the largest sales potential for the Principals we represent. At CTM, our Sales Management System is designed to keep the Rep / Principal Sales Management team completely informed. By the use of standardized reporting features, additional inside manpower and limited territories, we keep our Principals apprised of any changes that may occur in our territory.

By working with complete, up-to-date information the sales team, which is comprised of field Sales Engineers, Principal Field Sales Management and Senior management, is able to respond and react quickly to the most current program requirements.

A new tool in the selling process at CTM is the Activity Report. This is a detailed report on target accounts, and the potential business at those accounts. The Activity Report also details where the potential business is within the sales cycle. It also details what the status is with sample requests and quotations. Sales leads are a major consideration in a Principal’s business. To further penetrate the market, we have a computerized lead follow up system which the field Sales Engineers incorporate into the Activity Report.

The bottom line for any sales manager is, “Will this Rep deliver?” A Principal makes a major investment when he commits his line to a Representative. Considering the average Rep / Principal relationship averages 17 months (per the ERA), and also considering many of our lines have been with us in excess of 12 years, we feel our performance will exceed your expectations.